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We continue to succeed and create value despite increased competition, economic uncertainty and globalization. Read below for more details about our specific business approach

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We partner with the best companies and strive to understand and integrate their organization goals and requirements into our daily decision making. By making their mission our mission and consistently delivering products tailored to their specific tastes and standards, we cultivate those relationships to ensure our mutual success


Our experienced and detailed design team delivers stylish and eclectic designs that are sure to make a long lasting impression on our customers and their end consumers. Each of our designers brings something special to table and we intentionally matched them with each our brand partners to ensure that all products are tailored to the brand image

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Our designers, brand managers, product engineers and leadership team together has over 250 years experience in the apparel industry and thus possesses an in depth understanding of yarn construction and fiber properties. Whether temperature management, comfort cushioning, softness or durability is the aim, we use that knowledge to deliver superior products to the market place


We believe in using evidence to inform our strategic decision making. Our technology platforms allow us to derive meaningful insights from our data and convert that knowledge into action. This enables us to be proactive in an ever changing, competitive retail environment and find value in an increasingly competitive apparel landscape

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We use our operational expertise, dedicated teams and knowledge of each brand’s differentiated market positioning to deliver custom action plans by market, channel, and customer. From our expertly designed packaging to our promotional activities, our plans drive customer orders, increment our market share and expand our global reach


Our warehouse management personnel, processes and platforms drive operational efficiency and reduce costs. This in turn enables us to quickly turn inventory, ensure quality standards and meet regulatory requirements. By following and establishing best practices, we reduce logistical complexities to make fulfillment and delivery seamless

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